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This year we began our Sewing Classes for the Secondary Schools.  The program took awhile to begin because sewing machines are so valuable in Nigeria extra security needed to be added to the classroom.  This is housed in the All-Girls School but classes from the other Secondary Schools do travel here for classes.


We run an advanced math class for students recommended by their Secondary School Principal recommended students on Saturday morning.  We presently have 40 students enrolled in the class.  We often place numerous students in the top 10 of math scores in Anambra State.

Maths Contest.jpg

Above left:  Are students participating in our Mathematics Contest.  There are two divisions.  One for Secondary and one for Primary School students.  Above right:  Is the Primary School winner receiving his bike as a rewards.  The top boy and girls winner in each category receives a bike.  



We began pir Sour early Secondary Schools Football (Soccer for the US) Tournament in the city 8 years ago.  This was the first tournament in Awka for 26 years.  A long time for a city in a country that in 1996 won the Gold Medal at the Olympics in Atlanta.  There are now 12 Secondary Schools involved.   Here are the referees and two two teams lining up before the game.  The estimated crowd at the finals was 20,000. 


Here is one of the many book deliveries to schools.

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