Bridge of Faith Craft Events 2022

​​Bridge of Faith is a permanent part of the Art of Fair Trade shop at the 5 East Gallery in Kathy's Kove and Kafé,  located at 5 East Washington Ave. (Route 57), in Washington, NJ (Warren County).  Store hours are Wed. through Sun. from 1:15 to 6 pm.  For more information about Kathy's Kove and Kafé, go to or  The shop features woven goods from Guatemala and crafts from all over Africa, as well as special displays from other regions.  Currently, the 5 East Gallery is featuring photographs of animals by Diana Dove and family, and we are featuring some of the cutest stuffed animals you will ever see along with many other animal-themed items.  Paper products made with elephant pooh and Shop for a Cause bracelets where a part of each purchase supports a variety of causes are part of our ongoing collections.

In November and December, the Art of Fair Trade Shop will expand throughout the 5 East Gallery to present Fair Trade items from many different countries and groups that aid a variety of causes, including Anti-Human Trafficking work in several countries, as well as a variety of environmental and assistance to women, children, and communities in developing nations around the world.  Stop by and do your holiday shopping with us.