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Bridge of Faith
Building a Bridge from New Jersey, USA to Awka, Nigeria

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Above are some of the bicycles we have sent.


We have sent over 10,000 books to Nigeria.  They have been sent to Pre-School through Colleges, to libraries, and to Churches.

We collected usable items and send them to Nigeria.  Please see the "Item Wanted" and "How You Can Help" pages for more information.


Above is our first delivery to the fourth Children's Home we assist.  Our gifts here included food, mattress, clothing, toys, children books and drawers to keep the their clothing in.


Power often goes out in Nigeria so we delivered a solar suitcase to this medical clinic so babies don't have to be delivered by kerosene lamps.  We have also delivered quite few examinations tables, recovery beds, a GYN magnifying examining lamp, and various wheelchair, crutches, etc.

Craft Sales


Money is raised by selling African Crafts and items made from recycled and up-cycled materials from around the world.  These items are Fair Trade or Fairly Traded, which means the artisans have receive a fair wage.

Please see the "Craft Sales" page to see where up-coming sales will be held.

If you are interested in hosting a sale please contact us.



We have delivered close to 20,000 books that have been delivered to preschool through college programs and to libraries.


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